Martell Appoints Three Singapore Ambassadors for 300th Anniversary

Discovering the heritage and history of the House of Martell.

In a joint celebration of Martell’s 300th anniversary and Singapore’s 50th anniversary, Martell Singapore has selected chef Justin Quek, mixologist Ethan Leong, and curator and designer Kelley Cheng as its three Singapore ambassadors.

The ambassadors were invited to Cognac and Versailles, and were among the 300 guests who attended Martell’s tri-centenary celebratory dinner held at the Palace of Versailles.

In Cognac, they were able to discover the heritage and history of the House of Martell and gained insights into the creation of its cognacs.

Taking their understanding back to Singapore, each has added a personal touch into their interpretation of this philosophy through undertakings in gastronomy, tasting and the arts.

Quek’s visit to the vineyards has inspired him to present dishes that combine the best of Asian and French cuisines for a specially created menu that will be available at Sky on 57.

Meanwhile, Leong will be concocting bespoke Martell cocktails at Maison Ikkoku after gaining greater insight into the art of Martell and the making of its cognacs.

Cheng will translate her understanding into the curation of an art exhibition in October this year.

Commenting on the works of the ambassadors, Yann Soenen, marketing director of Pernod Ricard Singapore, said: “We are excited for our three ambassadors to bring to life this philosophy with a Singapore touch through the art of gastronomy, tasting and craftsmanship.”

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