Ferrari Launches Limited-edition Car For American Anniversary

The F60America follows Ferrari’s tradition for creating limited-edition, built-to-order collectible cars.

Ferrari has announced that it will be building 10 limited-edition F60America cars for its 60th anniversary in North America.

The car was designed with the brand’s American clients in mind and includes elements such as a V12 engine, as well as an open top. The V12 engine is capable of going from 0 to 62mph in 3.1 seconds. The F60America’s top is made with a light fabric top that is usable up to 74mph.

Aesthetically, the F60America distinguishes itself through its diapason-shaped sides. The Ferrari also features the brand’s classic single front grille in a chrome finish, plus brakes with integrated air intakes.

Extending from the cockpit to the rear of the chassis, the flying buttresses are carbon-fibre-trimmed and come with two leather-trimmed roll-hoops. The cabin of the F60America has an asymmetrical design with the driver’s seat in a sporty red trim and the passenger side in black. Both seats feature a stylised US flag design in the centre and on the backrest.

The car was unveiled at the anniversary gala in Beverley City Hall. All 10 of the F60America cars have been sold.

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