High-end Matchmaking Agency Launches in Hong Kong

With starting fees of US$13,000 upwards, Anteros International helps ‘cash-rich, time-poor’ clients to find a date.

If you have a spare US$13,000 to invest in dating, then you might want to enlist the help of Anteros International.

This exclusive matchmaking company helps high-net-worth individuals to find their kindred spirits by searching the city for like-minded personalities.

Founder Kaitlin Kapur (pictured) explains that a pre-screening interview establishes what kind of person a client is looking for and ascertains their lifestyle. They ensure each client “has good intentions and realistic expectations”, she says.

The US$13,000 starting fee will secure eight dates with someone whom they consider to be a ‘perfect match’. Clients are then given coaching sessions of what to wear, lessons in the art of conversation and how to approach the opposite sex. Anteros will also organise the date itself.

Kapur explains that she has become a self-help guru for many of her clients, frequently taking calls at 1am to discuss how their dates went.

Registered males are generally aged between 35–55 and women between 22–35. At the moment it is a heterosexual matchmaking agency but Kapur hopes to expand upon this in the future.


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