The World’s Top Philanthropy Advisers

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Philanthropists are increasingly turning to the experts for help.

Philanthropy is no longer about simply writing a blank cheque. These days, many UHNWIs prefer a strategic approach to giving, often consulting a philanthropy adviser about how best to do so.

Since time began people have been giving back to the less-privileged. But hiring professional advisors who can help to make philanthropy go further, is a more modern practice. It can be traced back to 1891, when John D Rockefeller Sr. first began to professionally manage his philanthropy like a business. Today, many serious philanthropists have a team of specialists to help them channel their charity in the most effective way.

With the help of a panel of experts, Billionaire has compiled an extensive list of the top-rated philanthropic advisors from around the globe. In no particular order:

Geneva Global (US)
A philanthropic consulting company that specialises in international development across the world. It works with a range of high-profile philanthropists and, through its network of experts, is able to offer practical advice and input to projects. It offers both advice and hands-on delivery based on practical experience. It has experience in developing original philanthropic projects, such as the Freedom Fund: a US$100 million fund to help end modern-day slavery.

Wise (Switzerland)
Wise classes itself as an expert in high-impact philanthropy. It has more than 15 years’ experience developing personal and tailored philanthropic advice to wealthy individuals and families. It specialises in creating personalised programmes that marry wealthy individuals’ expectations to a social entrepreneurial approach.

Boncerto (UK)
A ‘social good’ consultancy aiming to help people and organisations change the world. It takes a ‘common-sense’ approach with cross-sector (private, public and not-for-profit) experience to get things done. It aims to break down large issues and jargon to enable philanthropists to get involved and engaged with projects.

Dasra (India)
Dasra forms partnerships between wealthy individuals, charities and social enterprises, which work in areas such as governance, sanitation and strategic giving. It is known for pulling together donors to work in groups.

McKinsey Social Sector (US)
A dedicated unit of the global consultancy firm, McKinsey Social Sector has a particular track record in working with high-profile individuals to achieve global impact and influence in certain areas such as water and children’s education.

King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium)
As well as offering grants to projects across Europe, the foundation has also formed the Centre for Philanthropy, which through education and advice, supports UHNWIs in their giving practices. A long-standing and experienced organisation, the King Baudouin Foundation provides support to European individuals wishing to engage both locally and internationally.

NVPC — National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (Singapore)
An independent not-for-profit organisation that advocates giving in Singapore and works to cultivate a strong culture of contribution where giving is part of everyday life. The NVPC is happy to share research in the support of philanthropists.

Beyond Philanthropy (Germany)
Works with clients from across Europe, from helping with an initial idea through to project indentification. Known for numerous research publications within Germany.

New Philanthropy Capital (UK)
NPC was founded in 2002 by Peter Wheeler and Gavin Davies, two former Goldman Sachs employees. Its mission is to direct more funding to effective charities and help donors make better decisions on how to give. It has been called “the equivalent of an equity-research firm for the philanthropic marketplace”.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (US)
New York-based Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is one of the world’s largest philanthropic service organisations, having overseen more than US$3 billion to date in grant-making across the globe.

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