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An award-winning young film maker is hoping to crowd-source enough funds to produce a feature-length documentary about the European migrant crisis.

Refugee was shot over an eight-month journey across 10 countries documenting the mass migration of refugees and, in particular, the heart-breaking story of the Alali family. The film’s 28-year-old director Alexander J Farrell and his team are hoping to raise £30,000 through Kickstarter to fund the edit and delivery of the full film. So far £25,000 has been raised and the deadline for fundraising is Friday 3 February 2017, Western Standard Time.

The Alali’s story is the focus of the film, centered around the plight of Raf’aa and her family. Raf’aa is stranded in Germany, separated by a visa restriction from her husband Nazem and their two sons who are being held in a refugee camp in Greece.

While most families sent the father of the family first, Raf’aa was sent ahead of her own children in search of asylum because of her husband’s illness. With the border now closed, Nazem and the two boys are left behind.

Safe in asylum in Germany after travelling over 2,000 miles to find a better future for them, Raf’aa suffers from the guilt of leaving her children behind. Meanwhile, Nazem and the boys suffer from limited access to the basic necessities of life.

As their story unfolds, the film looks at the struggles of the family and broader context of the loss of humanity that all refugees endure. It’s a loss that even the young children have grown to understand and reveal to the audience via their point-of-view video diaries filmed within the camp.

The film takes a politically neutral view of the crisis and focuses on the basic needs of human beings, placing a call to action to the audience to see past the bureaucracy and connect on a primal human level.

Farrell says he hopes to achieve his dream of getting Refugee into cinemas with a global distribution deal in place and to have it previewed at the Toronto Film Festival. A New York Film graduate and winner of the David Attenborough ‘Back Climate Action’ photography competition, Farrell has worked on other feature-length films about refugees, including The Last Boat to Alcatraz and Lighthouse Lesvos.

Above is a short trailer of the film Refugee.

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