VIDEO: Interview with John Legend, Part Two

John Legend & David Leppan Part 2-HD 720p-HD

In the second part of this interview, singer John Legend, in conversation with David Leppan, discusses his dreams and heroes, and offers some more insights into The Legend Experience.

The winner of no less than nine Grammy Awards, singer, songwriter and actor John Legend is a public figure always intent on making philanthropic pursuits a central plank of his success as an entertainer.

As a second online taster for an extended interview in our forthcoming Billionaire global print issue, we offer some edited highlights of the conversation, conducted by our chairman David Leppan.

John is set to embark on The Legend Experience in September 2015, where, in collaboration with Four Seasons and Credit Suisse, a luxurious private jet is being commandeered to take 52 special people to a selection of cultural meccas.

For the first part of the interview, click here.

For more details about The Legend Experience, click here.

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