Misahara Jewellery and The True Cause Foundation

SLIDESHOW: The True Cause Foundation raises funds for the Thembini School through a series of sports competitions.

Designer Lepa Galeb-Roskopp on the heart and soul of Misahara’s jewellery.

In the world of luxury jewellery it can be rather easy to fall into the trappings of opulence and indulgence. Misahara’s designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, is not one of those people.

From a bi-cultural background, Galeb-Roskopp has been exposed to different places, cultures and people around the world, which shows in her stunning jewellery collections. A penchant for the outdoors and exploration also extends to another aspect of her work: philanthropy.

Together with her husband Rob, Galeb-Roskopp and Misahara’s philanthropic efforts are funnelled through the True Cause Foundation and the Thembini School project. The True Cause Foundation was created as part of Ultimate Experience, which aims to build connections between local communities through sport. The True Cause Foundation was set up as a platform for its athletes to contribute to the charities of their choice. In addition, a portion of the profits from every Ultimate Experience event goes back to the True Cause Foundation and the charities each athlete represents. Galeb-Roskopp says: “Our journey takes us to places where we see children’s needs at every level, and it is our commitment to raise funds through the True Cause Foundation and help not one, but several organisations that support children in need.”

The idea behind the True Cause Foundation, Galeb-Roskopp says, came from a very personal experience: “After going to South Africa with Misahara brand ambassadors and international athletes — JT Holmes, Chris Davenport, Greg Minnaar, Cedric Gracia and so on — we witnessed many children in need, particularly in the area of education. We decided to do a series of sports competitions to raise money for the Thembini School. We surfed, biked, organised volleyball games — the enthusiasm we faced by simply being true to what we love the most seemed an easy task that was bringing so much to the children. These children have no parents and ask for nothing besides a mother, father, pencils, books, school uniform — it’s the simple things that matter to them. They have faced the worst possible adversity but always smile when they see you, it’s an indescribable feeling.”

On why Misahara puts so much emphasis on philanthropy, Galeb-Roskopp says: “None of our philanthropic work has been activated for public recognition. We have been fortunate enough to thrive in our business and this is our gratification. As far as recognition, a simple smile on a child’s face will do the job. When you are given so much, it is important to give back.”


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