The Swatch Art Peace Hotel: Artists in Residence

SLIDESHOW: The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai is a rather unique setting in which to recalibrate your artistic vision. Click here for a selection of images that reveal the inner ecstacy.

International artists are moving into a historic luxury Shanghai hotel after 18 rooms have been revamped into workshop apartments.

You don’t have to be a name (although it doesn’t hurt if you are) to apply for this inventive residency at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, in a building that once housed a pair of famous Shanghai hotels: the Palace (prior to 1949) and Peace Hotel (after 1949). All you need is a body of artwork and the motivation to expand or reinvent your artistic vision.

The Swatch Group, the primary investor in the art hotel, has been providing an art residency programme since November last year. It has been inviting a limited number of international artists (including artists in China) to live and work in the building free for up to six months. All guest artists will donate one of their artworks to the hotel at the end of their residencies. The hotel will collect and use these art pieces for their exhibitions in the hotel gallery.

This artist residency has resulted in 18 rooms being revamped into workshop apartments. The restored architecture not only allows these to be studio size, but they are also on the hotel’s upper stories where the artists can take in the Shanghai skyline for inspiration.

Watches, art and hotels have never mixed in such an ecstatic way.

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