The Future Of Eating

Marije Vogelzang

We see the mutation of our aesthetic senses by changes in gastronomy (Photo credit: Feed Love St Petersburg (c) Egor Rogalev).

We have always sought to represent food in aesthetic forms: from ancient times through still life to our favourite acai bowl on Instagram today.

Eating is not just feeding — it’s a complex subject and the role of aesthetics in culinary art is primordial. What and how we eat is influenced by society, geopolitics, beliefs, history, art, marketing, biology…

We see the mutation of our aesthetic senses by changes in gastronomy. The correlation between art and cooking has led to an evolution of presentation: in days gone by our plates were inspired by painters and translated in 2D with compositions in colour and texture; we are now in a sculptural arena.

We also see several trends in the future of taste. First, there is a growing nostalgia for the elementary and the imperfect. Organic food and rustic ingredients represent a counter-reaction to our increasingly intangible, digital, lives. We are looking for texture, for touch; we need to feel things in our hands.

The fascination for greens and a desire for an ultimate freshness is bringing urban farming right inside in our home. This fashionable do-it-yourself trend expresses the need to be personally involved in the food cycle.

We are also moving towards a very intimate, almost sexual, relationship with food. It’s an aesthetic where rituals and sensuality are important; with a strong desire to transgress and a search for what is forbidden.

Our standards of food are already disturbed by the ‘eating design’ trend initiated by Marc Bretillot. Tomorrow our usages, gestures or habits towards food will be changed by innovations. The search for new sensations, tools and flavours will reach new heights with 3D printing and lab-grown food. We use our five senses poorly: sight is just the first sense urged long before smell, taste, touch and hearing. Tomorrow synesthesia – the universal use of the five senses – will sublimate our emotions.

Cecile Poignant is a trend forecaster, speaker and brand strategist living in Paris.

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